Team Building Events


Escape Rooms for in office team building or a fun mixer activity at your next company dinner.


A weekly customized team building experience for offices of any size.

Escape Rooms

Everybody participates

Groups are split into teams of 5-7 people and each team is in it's own escape room. This allows everyone to participate in the team building.

Effective Team building

Teams must work together to meet a common goal. Communication is key so everyone knows the current challenge and can offer ideas.

Easily Assess Team Members

See who is a natural leader and which employees work well together. Find out who thinks outside the box and may have some great ideas for your company.

Flexible Group Sizes

Other escape rooms only offer 3-4 rooms and are limited to about 30 people at a time. Escape On Demand can provide enough rooms for over 150 people to go through per session. Rooms can be reset for multiple sessions through out the day.

Rooms Are Monitored

Don't worry about getting stumped. Our staff monitors the all team building activities and are there to offer hints if the escape room gets the best of you.

Customize Time

While each rooms full experience gives participants up to 1 hour to complete the room, rooms can be adjusted to fit your event schedule.


A weekly team building experience

Each week staff must work together to complete specific tasks, the catch, one person is the mole! The mole is trying to sabotage the groups efforts without revealing who they are.

Whoever knows the most about the mole at the end of week 5 will win a prize based on how well the group did. Each  session will last approximately 1.5 hours and will include lunch.

Five Week Experience (up to 10 people) $1250

Week 1: Capriotti’s

This week will be an explanation of the game and we will secretly pick who the mole is.

Week 2: Rosati’s Pizza

Week 3: Chipotle or Qdoba

Week 4: Famous Dave’s or Virgil’s

Week 5: Maggiano’s or Carmines

Optional Add-ons

Escape room brought on site and integrated into the game for two 60 minute experiences (14 max): $700

Personalized ~30 minute ‘episode’ of your staff’s experience: $1000


Does the experience have to be five weeks?

No, our experience can be tailored to whatever works for your group. Longer experiences give everyone more info to figure out who the mole is and let everyone try more challenges.

What happens if someone misses a week?

While we hope that everyone can make it each week, the game doesn’t fall apart if someone is missing. Each activity is fun on its own. Anyone absent will miss out on a little bit of information that would help them  determine who the mole is and if the mole is missing it isn’t obvious as some tasks are challenging even when everyone is working together.

Are there other meal options?

While these are the meal options included in the pricing we are happy to work with you if there are other desired restaurants. Lunch isn’t mandatory and we have options  that can fit any budget.

Does each session have to be on consecutive weeks?

No, we work with your schedule and can do it all in one day or have monthly visits.

Do people get eliminated?

No, while in most challenge competitions people are eliminated every week, our experience makes sure everyone can participate in every challenge.

Free Consultation

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