We had a celebration for our associates at a new restaurant called Blume and the event organizer mentioned that she had seen Escape On Demand at a convention. We were really excited that we could entertain everyone in one place. We had the pirate themed escape room along with a pirate themed photo booth. Both were a BIG hit. Everyone had so much fun in the escape room. What really worked is that a group would go in for 30 minutes and then the escape room team would reset the room while I used the breaks to provide other activities we had planned; toasts, recognition gifts, and other fun games. The Escape On Demand team was professional, kind, and informative. The associates raved about the escape room! I highly recommend Escape On Demand!

-Kathy Relyea

Avenue5 Residential

 We had our Systems Engineering Technical Summit this year in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan hotel. It's always a challenge to entertain 80 engineers – and this year we were really at a loss. The concept of an escape room was enticing, but no time or budget to go off site 

? What to do? We found Escape on Demand – the perfect mobile venue for us. They were able to set up two complete escape rooms for us at the hotel conference center just before our team dinner. They were punctual, professional, and a lot of fun! The engineers were all challenged with desk puzzles as they waited their team turns, and then all found it very enjoyable (15 minute rounds). We will definitely be using them again and I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks guys, you rock!!!!

-Steve Regini

Palo Alto Networks

 I did the pirate themed escape room and one of the things that really stood out was that they were portable. The flexibility of being able to bring a high quality escape room to our venue of choice is a really great way to engage both business and social event goers. What really sealed the deal was how much fun the escape room was! I went in with a group of strangers and came out laughing and feeling like I met some new friends. The Escape On Demand team was professional, kind, and informative. I know these escape rooms will be a huge hit at any event. I highly recommend hiring them if you are looking for a team building activity or fun factor at your next event. 

 -Shoshana Ohel

The Event Company

Looking for a creative way to build teamwork, showcase recruiting events, or just have fun at employee parties, I would recommend taking a look at what Escape On Demand is offering.  Escape rooms are very popular and numerous.  What Escape On Demand is offering is different; a portable model that comes to your location, is scalable and can be modified to include company core messages and branding.  I would encourage HR Leaders to give this creative escape room model a try with their organization - you and your employees will be happy you did.

-Kevin D. Kelly

Retired Global HR Executive

 After trying one of their escape rooms myself I can speak to how fun the experience is and how valuable it is as a team building exercise. We hope this is the beginning of a long and productive relationship and one that becomes a staple of the Las Vegas Bowl experience.
-Jason Walter
Mitsubishi Las Vegas Bowl

 I would highly recommend this for your corporate retreats and team building events. Escape on Demand is the perfect way to create good interaction and offers great insights into ways we can enhance our ability to work well as a team. 

-Barbra Coffee

 City of Henderson Economic Development & Tourism