Escape Room Party Rentals

Birthday, Block Parties, or Weddings

Rooms can be set up inside your house, garage, or wedding venue.

Custom Rooms

In addition to our four base escape rooms, these party rentals can be customized to match your party's theme.

Custom Puzzles

Puzzles can be customized to incorporate the guest(s) of honor or reveal a present.

Room Resets

Rooms will be running during the entire party. There is a small time allowed for resets after each group during which the rules and plot are explained to the next group.

Set and Take Down

Setting up and take down take less than 30 minutes each for one room.

Memorable Experience

Give guests a truly unique experience that will keep them talking about your event for years to come.

Free Consultation

Make your party something special with our help.

Escape On Demand

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