Escape Room Tips


Work Together

No matter what each person's experience is you never know who will have the next bright idea that moves you along. If you get stuck on something talk out what you are thinking to your team and see if you can inspire any new thoughts.

Be Observant

While you won't need to move any large furniture be sure and look under, around, and inside anything you can. Do not force anything open though and when  you do find something that looks important make sure the whole team is aware.

Stay Organized

Keep used keys in their locks and opened locks where you found them. This helps you keep track of what has been used since keys and locks will only be used once. It's also a good idea to separate items into used and unused since items are also typically only used once. 

Ask For Help

Don't worry about getting stuck! Some of the puzzles can be really tough and sometimes there is a simple solution you just missed. Our staff will provide clues to help you through any difficult moments.

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Enjoy yourselves and embrace working and having fun with your friends and coworkers. Look at the obstacles you did overcome together and try to learn how you can do better next time!

Team Building

All of these escape room tips can also be applied in the work place. Escape rooms are a fun way to become closer to your friends and make for excellent team building with your coworkers while also improving valuable skills.

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